GSB Bid List

Bid Date Contract Number Project/Location Engineer’s Estimate
Thursday 04-2K0004 Treat Bridge Decks with Methacrylate and Replace Joint Seals $2,360,000
5/31/2018 Solano County at Various Locations
2:00 PM  
Wednesday 1000007012 The City & County of San Francisco $27,000,000
6/6/2018 Third Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project
2:30 PM  
Wednesday 02-4F5404 Bridge Replacement – Southbound Only $8,500,000
6/27/2018 Siskiyou County near Weed at Black Butte Overhead
2:00 PM  
Tuesday 02-4F2004 Bridge Replacement $4,820,000
7/3/2018 Shasta Co. near Old Station at Hat Creek Bridge
2:00 PM